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Offer:McKinsey & Company, PTAService:VIP Coaching
What struck me the most in the beginning was when the mentor did the first evaluation for me on my resume and self-introduction; he was extremely straightforward and candid. He also asked me a few questions that have fundamentally challenged me. I realized that I didn’t really know what I wanted, and the fact that I was literally pursuing everything, may actually lead to nothing.
The first one on one mock interview session with Jenny (mentor) was phenomenal; I realized that I need to enhance my thought-process and business sense significantly.
I was most touched by the fact that UniCareer mentors are always responsive to my very detailed questions in a timely manner. Personally I felt I have gained significantly from my mentors not just by how they conduct themselves at work, but more importantly by their attitude and dedication. I am so happy and deeply thankful that UniCareer’s influence on me goes much more beyond interview techniques and job-hunting tips. I will continue to work very hard and I know with the help of UniCareer, I’ll be getting my next dream offer soon again!
Offer:AIG, Leverage Finance DepartmentService:VIP Coaching
I’m a transfer student. I was finance major before and now majoring in both Economics and Statistics. UniCareer’s help to me goes beyond just mentoring. UniCareer has offered me a wide range of opportunities that I was not exposed to before. For example, I had the very opportunity to intern at Deloitte Investment Banking Division, exactly because my mentor is familiar with the department and they are in need of junior people. My mentor refered me to the department, and after a whole evening of interview preparation, I managed to stand out among the 10+ Ivy candidates and successfully secured the summer Internship opportunity. Without UniCareer’s powerful internal referral, without the extremely tailored interview preparation with my mentor, I felt that it was almost impossible that I receive this internship offer. Without doubt, the support from UniCareer has been paramount to my career development.
Offer:Morgan Stanley, Capital MarketsService:Boot Camp, Individual Package
I attended all the boot camp sessions and workshops offered by UniCareer up until October 2014, and I was lucky enough to receive one-on-one coaching by a number of high-profile mentors too. I was really impressed that the boot camp sessions were broad enough to cover all relevant topics, but also detailed enough to provide all the practical information. Beyond the breadth of insights and wealth of experiences covered, the networking dinner directly with mentors was also extremely helpful. The opportunity to further enhance my confidence and networking skills, and the nurturing environment to practice my ability to navigate different environments and conversations were crucial to my ultimate success in acing my interviews.
UniCareer taught me to stop memorizing canned answers that interviewers have heard a million times.
Mentors helped me the most in terms of how to communicate with other people confidently and effectively. UniCareer also taught me significant technical skills, including how to do credit risk analysis and interpret various financial materials. UniCareer fostered my interest in Finance, and guided me how to demonstrate the passion throughout my interviews. More importantly, UniCareer’s result-oriented Referral Program has been a game-changer. To be honest, I was genuinely surprised when I received the PwC interview, and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to ace it without the help from UniCareer.
Offer:CITIC Securities, Investment BankingService:VIP Coaching
What I gained from UniCareer goes beyond the program.
I graduated at US but aiming to have an IBD job back to Mainland China. This is almost mission impossible for lots of study abroad students, I know for them going back and not doing what they want to do is not an option, however the truth is we all lag behind the understanding of Chinese capital markets.
Not only has UniCareer given me more insights about the Chinese market, it connected me with highly intelligent and motivated professionals that helped me to secure the offers, really appreciated!
I never thought the whole mentoring session would turn out to be such a considerate helpful process; I’ve grown together with my honored mentors.
Thanks for all the help! United!
Offer:Boston Consulting Group, PTAService:Individual Package
Top Management consulting firms are always my dream jobs. But I never thought I could be part of them. Resume critiques service from UniCareer could not be any better!
My mentor Barbara, spent an hour to analyze what exactly I did during my past internships, she kept digging more on my small tiny sparks and I suddenly realized, this is my uniqueness that I need to present to the interviewers. Just 4 days after the resume revision session, I got the interview opportunities from both PWC advisory and Boston Consulting Group.
With the tailored courses offered by UniCareer, I gained not only internship opportunity and the techniques in job search, but also the exposure to a more professional world and the deeper understanding of myself. My mentors’ first-handed experience and information enhanced my hard skills and soft skills within weeks. I started to see the brand new me and to grow every single day.
Thanks to UniCareer, especially to my mentors, who transformed me into a confident, experienced job seekers. More importantly, I believe that the friendship with them will always last and I believe I will become more and more shiny in the future!

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