What is UniMembership?

Tailored specifically to international students and professionals

Exclusive Resources

UniMembership gives you exclusive access to UniCareer’s online resources and expanded professional network.

Hiring Opportunities

You will receive most highly valued job hunting and professional development information.

Premium Online Videos

You will have access to online videos focusing on industry trends, job hunting techniques and interview insider tips.

Priority Access

You will have priority access to career boot camps, Mentor-Mentee networking opportunities and business events.

What Do We Offer?


  • Access To All UniAcademy Tutoria

  • UniCareer Exclusive Benefit Package

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UniMembership FAQ

UniMembership gives you exclusive access to UniCareer’s online resources and expanded professional network.

We take great pride in our dedication and commitment to offer you the most highly valued job hunting and professional development information right at your fingertips.

From monthly list of hiring opportunities at your target firms, to online videos focusing on industry trends and interview insider tips, our goal is to help you get clear on your career aspirations, passionately pursue the job of your dreams and increase your opportunities to secure the job offers and advance to the next level.

How do I pay for my UniMembership?

We accept payments from PayPal. You can auto renew for your convenience.

Do I need to be a student to qualify for UniMember?

No, Unimembership is open to all current students (including part-time students) and professionals who are interested in receiving tailored information on job hunting, career development and additional relevant resources to enhance your professional profile and career potentials. While you do not have to be a current student to become a UniMember, our membership would benefit you the most if you are in the process of job searching or seeking to make a transition to a new position.
If you are currently a working professional and are motivated to inspire and empower other international students in their career hunting process, please contact hr@unicareer.org for mentor opportunities.

UniCareer is not at my school. How do I get involved?

UniMember is open to all potential students and young professionals not limited by your school or location.
We are expanding quickly and are happy to work with your school. We conduct free workshops, panel discussions and mock interviews at our partner schools and we hope to bring more resources to you in-person. Feel free to contact us at contact@unicareer.org to discuss how to become a campus or regional ambassador.

Are there any other ways I can get involved with UniCareer?

We always have opportunities for enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us contact@unicareer.org, or message UniCareer_Buddy via WeChat.

What is the return policy for UniMembership?

Currently, we are not able to offer a refund for UniMembership. However, you may cancel your UniMembership by requesting through our Jivochat, and our customer representatives will help you with the cancellation.

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