Evaluation Call

You will receive a 30-minute phone evaluation by one of our most professional mentors with years of resume screening and hiring experience

Profile Enhancement

Your profile will be evaluated and transformed, line-by-line, by our mentors who are currently working in the position you are applying to

Professional Emails

Improve your networking skills by using our professional email to transform Informational Interview requests into real meetings

Networking Opportunities

Advance your career by connecting to senior working professionals with valuable growth opportunities

Why Profile Builder?

Have you ever submitted a generalized resume to all possible job openings but never landed an interview?
Have you ever tried to blindly email your business contacts but never hear back?
Do you know that you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the recruiter/hiring manager who reviews hundreds and thousands of resumes just like yours?
Do you know that social media such as LinkedIn is the first stop for you to get screened, compared, and noticed for potential opportunities?
Do you know that there are certain “etiquettes” in contacting your business connections?

What Do We Offer?


  • Monthly Internal Referral Job List

  • 1 Mentor From Target Industry

  • 1 Revision Of Resume Or Cover Letter

  • 1 Revision Of Tailored “Thank You” Letter

  • 1 Revision Of Tailored Networking Email

  • 1 Revision Of LinkedIn Profile Enhancement

  • 1 Hour Mock Interview With Target Position

  • Expected Timeframe Of Resume Revision


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Get access to continued feedback and rounds of revisions

Get continuous suggestions by UniCareer support team

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